A portrait of Kendall Ansell

Kendall Ansell – Principal
When I was a child, I spent most weekends doing construction projects around the house. Installing baseboards, painting and reorganizing were just a part of growing up. I remember one weekend where we installed twelve pot lights in our kitchen; because I was small, I was the lucky one who spent the entire day in the attic while my father instructed me on every important step.

These fond memories later drove me to study interior design and business management. I also acquired hands-on experience working in the lighting, plumbing and tiling industries. These experiences showed me that clients were significantly more satisfied when their home redesigns strongly evoked the client’s design style rather than the designer’s. 

In 2010, I founded Cherry Interior Design and oriented the company towards helping clients discover their personal design style. In 2013, after two wonderful years in both Montreal and Maryland I transitioned my company name to Kendall Ansell Interiors and settled into beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

As the proud recipient of two prestigious awards from Houzz.com, serving greater Vancouver as an Interior Designer is literally my dream come true. My mission has always remained the same: help my clients discover their natural design style, apply my understanding of classical design and construction and create the home renovation of their dreams.

You have amazing style ideas. I can help you turn them into reality. Together, we can make beautiful spaces.


A portrait of Sonia PaulSonia Paul – Project Manager
As a child, my mom always encouraged my creative side; she still claims I could never leave a canvas blank and that I always had one or more creative projects on the go. My mother hated mess and forced me to organize my work and supplies. I constantly re-arranged my room, either to create more space for activities or just for better flow.

I also grew up around around construction. My father is a builder and was responsible for several rental properties. One time, when I took a semester off after finishing my diploma in criminology, my father was just beginning a new townhouse project. He hired an interior designer and asked if I could volunteer with her. It was an experience that lead me to reconsider my career path.

I enrolled in BCIT and earned a diploma in Interior Design. While working at a wallpaper and fabric showroom, I met Kendall and assisted her with several Interior Design projects. But after four years, I decided I wanted to do more than just assist. Kendall immediately asked if I would apply for a job as her project manager.

The interview was brief; we knew that working together was the right choice for both of us. I haven’t looked back since.


A portrait of Katie MaudsleyKatie Maudsley – Junior Designer
As an emerging Junior Designer, I love everything to do with interior design – whether it’s developing new concepts, selecting finishes, or problem solving to configure the best possible floor plan option.

From a young age I’ve been fascinated with creating. I saw the other kids toys and always wanted to make them better. I made gowns for my Barbies from scrap fabric that my mom had thrown away. I designed my own 3D board games and spent days building Lego empires. I always wanted to create something new and different.

The BCIT Interior Design program helped me turn this talent into a dream career. I was exposed to many different kinds of projects, learned myriad valuable tools and came to know the true value of time management. I also developed a love for creating visual drawings by hand.

In my spare time, I have quite a few hobbies. I enjoy baking and cooking; I am always testing the results of a new recipe on friends and family. I adore spending time outdoors, whether it’s hiking, biking, running, or camping. I love to photograph landscapes and scenery; these images often end up inspiring my work.

Working alongside Kendall and Sonia and witnessing their expertise and fun approach to Interior Design is both an honour and a joy. I am proud to be a part of their team.


A portrait of Jessica Campbell

Jessica Campbell – Graphic Designer and Stylist
Working with Kendall means I get to wear a couple of different hats, which is just how I like it.

As a graphic designer, I have the pleasure of designing the printed collateral for Kendall Ansell Interiors and keeping the website looking tip-top. However, when Kendall, Sonia, and Katie complete a project, I love being asked to swoop in and put the finishing touches in place for the photo shoots we do of many of Kendall’s completed projects.

When I’m not working with Kendall and her team, I can be found here: jessicacampbell.ca