North Shore Kitchen

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North Shore Kitchen

The client came to Kendall Ansell Interiors ready to upgrade to her dream kitchen. She loved the look of white and grey, but didn’t want it to look like everybody else’s kitchen. With a dog and older children in the house, this kitchen needed to keep up with busy people going in different directions, and still have great style.

We created a neutral palette of white and grey, with a few softer, feminine elements to make it reflect the homeowner’s personality. The great thing about a neutral palette is that it allows lots of opportunity to add a pop of fun colour and really change the look, but in a way that’s easy to change later.

  • a detail shot of three white faceted vases
  • three floating shelves with cookbooks and decorative objects
  • a close-up shot of a layer cake with a slice cut out
  • a mostly white kitchen with a stainless-steel microwave in the foreground
  • a photo of a white and grey kitchen with a layer cake on the counter
  • a mostly white kitchen with a stainless steel range and eggs out on the counter
  • detail shot of napkins and dinnerware on pale granite sideboard
  • a grey sideboard and a white glass-fronted cabinet, ready to set the table