Northcliffe Avenue Home

Northcliffe Avenue Home

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The owners of this 3000 square-foot, 100 year-old heritage home in Northcliffe Avenue had just moved from a small condo of only 700 square-feet and owned virtually zero furniture or decor elements. My interior design task was to make that huge empty space feel warm, cozy, and inviting.

I started with big furniture and huge, cushy, room-filling rugs. The clients wanted a vintage industrial feel so many decor elements were chosen to support this interior design approach. A guest bedroom also received special attention so that visitors didn’t have to feel like they were sleeping in the basement. Likewise, I selected an 8-person dining room table to really impress their company. I also updated the kitchen with new hardware, lighting, and a very cool tiled backsplash.

One decor choice in particular stands out: the two doors behind the bed in the master bedroom. These hundred-pound solid oak doors were the house’s original vestibule doors, which felt dark and imposing in their original location. Behind the bed, they feel creative, warm, and suited the clients’ love for vintage industrial decor. A true “win-win” for this lovely Northcliffe Avenue home.

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