St. James Home – North Vancouver

St. James Home – North Vancouver

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The family that owned this house absolutely loved Mad Men and wanted to give their living space a strong mid-century feel. I was also in a major Mad Men phase, so this arrangement worked perfectly.

When they purchased the home, it was was gloomy, cold, and hadn’t had any work done in over fifty years. It also had some very odd features like half-walls that looked more half-finished than attractive. Everyone agreed that major work was in the cards. This was really great because it meant that I could involve all my favorite trades partners. The results speak for themselves.

In the end, I redesigned every single element of this home; I drew the plans for major reconstruction in the living areas, added two new bathrooms, changed all the flooring, paint, moldings, and installed new lighting and window treatments throughout the house. I also rebuilt the kitchen from scratch, upgrading it from a relic of the dreary past to a functional, modern kitchen with a bold mid-century palette.

The family themselves selected the furniture — a testament to their awesome sense of style.

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