What trends are predicted to be most popular in home decor for the upcoming year?

2018 will be an exciting year of bold and dramatic design. Expect wallpaper-like backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms with black sinks and coloured faucets. Rich colours will be popular in the living room, like gold, cognac, and deep reds, and millwork feature walls and white wood slat walls will only increase in popularity.

Is there a 'must-have' accessory or colour for the upcoming year?

Reds, wine, blush and smoky grey tones will be very popular in 2018!

If someone isn't ready to revamp their whole space but wants to make a change to reflect these trends, are there any quick fixes you could suggest to update a space?

Splurging on a new and dramatic rug would be a great way to incorporate these trends into your space with just one, statement item. Since 2018 will be all about the drama, if you want to change out smaller items like pillows, throws, and accessories, make sure you go big!