1. Fat Furniture

The phrase alone ‘Fat Furniture’ puts a satisfactory smile on my face and fills me with comfort to know that when I get home from work I will be gobbled up by my soft squidgy sofa whilst I, myself will be enjoying a warm hearty meal. This trend is certain to add a relaxed and inviting feel to your living space. Some designs are even reminiscent of the 70’s with their curvy and asymmetric styles.

Photo credit: Studio Giancarlo Valle

2. Muted Green/ Earth Tones

We have been bringing outdoor colour palettes inside recently with dusty tones like olive, burnt orange and navy blue. These colours are great if you tend to stick to neutrals but have a teeny tiny voice in your head that shouts “COLOUR”. Muted pigments are a safe transition from plain to pop!

Photo credit: www.studiorey.co.uk

3. Contemporary wood paneling

Who would of thought wood paneling would make a comeback from the dark and drab 1970’s look that some of us love to hate. This time they’re done in a slim slatted style that gives a fresh yet warm aesthetic to a room. Think five star Scandinavian sauna. Ahh!

Photo credit: www.leibal.com

Photo credit: LC Residence by Neil Van Der

4. Statement Tile

White on white on white has definitely been a prolific look over the past couple of years, especially in the kitchen. I love it, but why not be brave and add a beautiful featured backsplash or tile flooring for a bold high contrasted appearance.

Photo credit: www.mandarinstone.com

Photo credit: www.annsacks.com

5. Olive Trees

Fiddle-leaf Fig… step aside please, just a little though.  We may not have the Mediterranean climate but we can still enjoy the splendors of the Italian countryside with these beautifully subtle trees. Where the fiddle-leaf fig can add organic structure to a room, these guys are soft and smoky, and just you wait until the sunlight touches the leaves!

Photo credit: Amy Bartlam Design, Jette Creative