1. Curvy Furniture

Oversized furniture with soft rounded edges was a huge trend this year. I think this will continue to be a hit as we near colder weather. I mean who wouldn’t love to cozy up on a comfortable and inviting sofa with a warm cup of tea and a book?

Here are a few furniture retailers we’ve been loving lately - Blu Dot Furniture and CF Interiors. For fabrics, we alway love a bouclee but any fabric with texture and a soft neutral/golden tone will do. Adding these warmer tones into your space whether it’s through furniture, accessories or lighting this will help create the perfect inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Check out the Council Swivel Lounge Chair from Blu Dot (below). There are 4 different fabric selections to choose from. Check out “Kelso Sand” or “Camel Velvet” for the golden tones we talked about. We’ve been sourcing furniture from Blu Dot for recent design projects. We are loving their pieces, especially their sofas and lounge chairs plus their pricing is great.

Council Swivel Lounge Chair – Bludot

2. Checkerboard

Next, I want to talk about Checkerboard Patterns. If you have the time I would highly suggest watching the video linked showcasing Gweneth Paltrow’s Stunning California Home. Her home showcases a range of different styles. These style’s still seamlessly work together because of the attention to detail. The one thing that really caught my eye was her gorgeous entryway. The flooring is in the classic black and white checkers. The look oozes sophistication while offering the bold pop of pattern.

“The house is built around extremely precise, thoughtful spaces that we refined again and again for years.” Gweneth Paltrow for Architectural Digest.

Checkered pattern on the flooring is a great way to define the space and add a little bit of fun, but, if you aren’t all for the bold patterned flooring you can bring in a checkerboard pattern through other accessories.

Shop Accessories: Madera Pillow, Checkmate Wallpaper, Checkered Rug

3. Fringed Accents

Lastly, something we’ve been seeing lot’s of is fringed accessories. Our team recently attended IDS Vancouver at the convention center. It was so great to see so many lovely people amongst so many amazing designs. At one of the first booths near the entrance showcased this amazing fringed pendant from Obakki.

Obakki is a purpose-led lifestyle brand. Everything they curate is handcrafted and produced in partnership with world-class artisans. This stunning hand-woven wall hanging https://obakki.com/products/morse-wall-hanging was also displayed at the event. It's custom made to spell out your secret word in Morse Code.

Fringe became really popular in the 70’s but I believe it's making its way back. To achieve this trend in smaller spaces, you can add fringe through smaller decor items such as mirrors or area rugs. You don’t need to go overboard with this trend but adding fringe in accessories is a great way to add interest and fun textures into your space.

Check out these accessories: Zacaton Wall Hanging, Hand Woven Rug, Half Moon Mirror.