Here's our step-by-step process to transform any space into something you'll love:

A flow-chart showing the five steps of the design processOur services include: residential interior design, new build design, blueprint design and space planning for new construction and renovations, kitchen & bathroom design, custom furniture design, custom millwork design, and lighting design.

1. Initial Consultation and Design Proposal

This first meeting is for intelligence gathering, so get ready for a whole bunch of questions. Kendall Ansell Interiors wants to know everything about how you live in your space, so that we can bring out your inner style. We start with a grand tour of your space and take measurements as we go, to minimize the disruption to your life. (Everybody says “Sorry my house is messy.” Don’t worry – your house looks just fine; plus we need to see how you truly live). After every consultation, we provide a quote for our services so that there are no surprises.

2. Presentation of the Design Plan

After a few follow-up questions, we develop an initial design plan. It’s really comprehensive, and usually includes not only drafted plans to scale, but also materials samples, swatches, and moodboards. Our 3D renderings always wow our clients, because every single element depicted can be realized in your space, down to the throw cushions. Because of that, we supply an “ingredients list” outlining every single item in each render. There’s lots to look at and touch, because we want you to understand exactly what you’re getting. It can be a lot to take in – it’s a big meeting! We are good at being efficient about meeting time, but some people feel more comfortable with more meetings, and that’s ok too.

3. Design Plan Revisions

Maybe you prefer a particular brand of range in the kitchen. It’s your home; you get to tweak the plan. Many clients like to hang on to a few swatches and live with them for a bit. We don’t judge – if you need to see what the kitchen counter marble looks like in all possible lighting conditions, that’s just fine. This part of the process is all about you being able to dream and visualize the changes to your space. Our goal is to achieve the best possible expression of your personal style. That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning – we don’t do cookie cutter design.

4. Design Plan Implementation

This is the stage where you receive the whole package. You can either give it to your chosen contractor or trades, or we can facilitate that part for you. We work with a lot of really great people, and we love to play matchmaker for clients and our amazingly talented service providers.

5. Finishing Touches

The project is complete when you’re thrilled with it, and that means it’s the end of our journey together. We’ll adjust the cushions on the sofa one last time, and leave you to enjoy your fabulous new space.

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