Kitchen Gadget Must-haves 2020-21

October 2, 2020By Kendall

Are your bubbles too big? Well, the GROHE Blue Chilled & Sparkling Water Filter Faucet can help. Not only does the system feature an advanced under-sink four-step filter, it also chills the water and offers a choice of two levels of carbonation. So don’t take up that extra surface space with an external carbonator or … Read More

2020 Fall Interior Design Trends

September 2, 2020By Kendall

The phrase alone ‘Fat Furniture’ puts a satisfactory smile on my face and fills me with comfort to know that when I get home from work I will be gobbled up by my soft squidgy sofa whilst I, myself will be enjoying a warm hearty meal. This trend is certain to add a relaxed and … Read More

5 Ways to create a home office you might actually work in

April 20, 2020By Kendall

Screen: top of your screen should be at eye level. Chair: Feet must rest firmly on the ground Keyboard: Arms at 90 degrees. Sit as close as possible to the natural light in your home. Most of us do require additional lighting so choose a lamp that gives you enough. The light bulb of the … Read More

How to Create the Perfect Bedroom

September 25, 2018By Kendall

Have you ever wanted to create a designer ready bedroom? Here are five things you should be doing to create that perfect bedroom. Invest in some great bedding. Use a duvet bag and not a comforter for a more luxurious look. Sticking to one light color is an easy way to make a small bedroom … Read More

Should you upgrade your building’s lobby and hallways?

July 14, 2018By Kendall

Vancouver’s crazy real estate market is leaving older condo buildings feeling increasingly dated and worn out. Updating hallways and common areas of older buildings will have a positive effect on the sale of units in the building. Owners putting their units up for sale are usually are the ones who complain about the outdated hallways … Read More

Guest Post: Dan Machon on Rock Blasting for New Construction

February 21, 2018By Kendall

Planning on building a new home? What you need to know if you are considering rock blasting. by Dan Machon, BCLS. While the City and District of North Vancouver have no restrictions when it comes to rock blasting, the District of West Vancouver has a bylaw to restrict or limit the amount of rock blasting … Read More

Christmas Cheer

December 15, 2017By Kendall

Christmas is my favourite holiday. I love all of the elements involved in Christmas including food, family and decor. This year, I was asked to prepare some unique Christmas craft ideas that were a bit different but would be easy to incorporate into someone’s existing decor. So, I got busy and came up with some … Read More

The Lounge – VHS17

November 19, 2017By Kendall

When we were asked to design the lounge for the Vancouver Fall Home Show I really wanted to give the design a theme. We spent many design meetings trying to decide what would be most appropriate for a lounge and how we could design a space people felt they could relax in. The prohibition style … Read More

Upgrades to make a rental feel like home

November 2, 2017By Kendall

We help a lot of home owners with their investment properties, and our goal as designers is to help your property stand out in a sea of rentals. A few simple upgrades can make a huge difference. We added new flooring that is consistent throughout, fresh paint colours, and accented the space by exposing a … Read More