Small Space Interior Design Tips

January 26, 2023By Kendall

After emerging from the recent pandemic and living under lockdowns, many families are looking for larger feeling spaces. The desire for a more space may have some searching for a new home, there’s plenty you can do to maximize your current space with some small space interior design tips: Choose items that can be used … Read More

KAI’s Home Decor Inspiration

December 7, 2022By Kendall

As we are seeing lots of earthy tones and textures evolve into a big trend this year I thought it would be helpful to share what has caught my eye in home decor recently. Throw blankets and accent pillows are a great way to cozy up your living space for winter! For throw blankets, consider … Read More

Fall 2022 Design Trends

September 22, 2022By Kendall

Oversized furniture with soft rounded edges was a huge trend this year. I think this will continue to be a hit as we near colder weather. I mean who wouldn’t love to cozy up on a comfortable and inviting sofa with a warm cup of tea and a book? Here are a few furniture retailers … Read More

Top 5 White Paint Colours

November 9, 2021By Kendall

Choosing a shade of white can be a daunting task. According to google there are more than 150,000 shades to choose from. Our team always chooses the paint colours last in a project to ensure we have the correct white for the project. If we were to look back into the last 50 projects we … Read More

The top four ways to update your bathroom

March 10, 2021By Kendall

Replace the Vanity. Vanities range in price from several hundred to thousands of dollars. Freestanding or floating versions are contemporary look which requires the tile floor to extends underneath. by Kendall Ansell Interiors Update the Mirrors: Mirrors are available at almost all remodelling stores. The shapes are endless and most are easy to hang yourself. A … Read More

Five Must-Have Furniture Items For Your Home

October 30, 2020By Kendall

Whether it be for your entry hallway or the end of your bed, benches are a decorative and practical addition to a space. Don’t forget to add some scatter cushions for a cozy and inviting feel. Credit: Proem Studio For me this is an essential. Not only do accent chairs allow you to experiment with … Read More

Kitchen Gadget Must-haves 2020-21

October 2, 2020By Kendall

Are your bubbles too big? Well, the GROHE Blue Chilled & Sparkling Water Filter Faucet can help. Not only does the system feature an advanced under-sink four-step filter, it also chills the water and offers a choice of two levels of carbonation. So don’t take up that extra surface space with an external carbonator or … Read More

2020 Fall Interior Design Trends

September 2, 2020By Kendall

The phrase alone ‘Fat Furniture’ puts a satisfactory smile on my face and fills me with comfort to know that when I get home from work I will be gobbled up by my soft squidgy sofa whilst I, myself will be enjoying a warm hearty meal. This trend is certain to add a relaxed and … Read More

5 Ways to create a home office you might actually work in

April 20, 2020By Kendall

Screen: top of your screen should be at eye level. Chair: Feet must rest firmly on the ground Keyboard: Arms at 90 degrees. Sit as close as possible to the natural light in your home. Most of us do require additional lighting so choose a lamp that gives you enough. The light bulb of the … Read More