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Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with many clients who have great design style, but the owners of this townhouse take the gold medal. Everything in their home was beautiful, so our job was to create the perfect backdrop. On the main level, we maximized storage and kept things sleek and modern: a strip of black cabinets over the kitchen counters, open shelving in both the living room and kitchen, and a powder room with bold geometric wallpaper and custom vanity are a few of our favorite details.

On the second level, the office is completely enclosed by sliding glass and metal doors. Their son’s bedroom has a custom bunk bed for lounging and watching TV on the top bunk and sleeping on the bottom, with an integrated desk and bookcases. For their daughter’s room we created a bed with a floating bookcase and custom storage wall, all with feminine french touches.

In the master suite upstairs, we designed a new bathroom complete with walk-in shower, heated towel warmer, and huge vanity for storage.

We were honoured to be entrusted with this unique, inviting space.